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Startrails over the Minarets:

Big Sur Coast:

Sunset over Tuolumne:

Dusk over Tuolumne

Half Dome from Mt Watkins:

Half Dome:



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Some critters from the neighborhood http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2013/8/some-critters-from-the-neighborhood We've had a few visitors stop by lately. Here are some portraits:


The lizards were living in my workroom, but became too comfortable around us. When they stopped running away, I was afraid we would accidentally step on them. So, we set them free:

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Early Summer 2013 http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2013/6/early-summer-2013

Shooting Stars:


Roadside Zebras:

Dusk over Tuolumne. This is the one shot I took with the digital camera. From this location, I captured a number of shots on film, as the sun was setting and then again at dusk. Check back in a few weeks, and hopefully I'll have some more to share!


The worst self-portrait I've ever taken:




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Spring 2013 http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2013/6/spring-2013 Here are a few new shots from the last few weeks.....

One from the back porch:



Valley of Fire:

Valley of Fire:

Yosemite high country:

Evanne above Olmstead Point:

Tunnel View:

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Three scans from the fall/winter http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2013/5/three-scans-from-the-winter I finally got around to developing a few rolls of film that had been sitting in the fridge for a few months. From that, I think I got three keepers. Here are the quick scans. Look for prints coming this summer!

Lone Pine Peak:

Tenaya Peak reflected in Tenaya Lake:

Convict Lake:

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A few more from the winter http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2013/3/a-few-more-from-the-winter Here are a few random photos from throughout the winter:


Storm clearing over McGee Mountain:

Some ripples in the snow:

Sunset over Bishop:

A little more snow:

Near Bradley, CA:

A few deer:

My future neighbor:

Outside Palm Springs:

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Baldwin Cirque - 3.16.13 http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2013/3/baldwin-cirque---3-16-13  

Spring is normally the most exciting time in the Eastern Sierra. By now, we would typically have a deep snowpack, and optimal conditions for climbing peaks and skiing powder. But this season has been anything but typical. A dry start, followed by a record December, followed by............... Nothing. A month of colder than average temperatures have left us with an avalanche danger that is rarely seen around here, which was then intensified by an immediate string of warmer than average days (and nights). Then it snowed again, and things got even weirder. Conditions are all over the map. But we weren't going to let any of that stop us.

In summary: We set out on Saturday with very low expectations. After a bit of discussion, we decided on the Baldwin Cirque. So we made quick work of the mile or so approach, and on to the snow. The lower section was just barely frozen on the surface, making for a unique challenge as we struggled to climb to a higher elevation. But as we got higher, the snow became more consistent and spring-like. Looking good. A bit more climbing, and we were at the base of a number of chutes, which appeared to be holding decent snow.

So up we went:

A short break at the top led to fantastic skiing on lap #1:



And then back up for lap #2:

From there we scrambled across the rocks to get to another chute. This on appeared to be a little rougher at the top. Jon drops in first:

A short distance below, and we found the good snow again:



Then a quick traverse to the lower slopes, above Crowley Lake:

And on through the mush to the car.

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Two Days at Convict Lake http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2013/3/two-days-at-convict-lake Saturday morning was spent driving around, trying to catch some interesting light and clouds as the storm left us. We ended up at Convict Lake as the sun tried to make it's way through:

On Tuesday, I returned with a slightly more ambitious goal. This time, I was up and out the door at 2am, with the intention of hiking up Laurel Mountain. I made my way through the dark, and onto the ridge. From there, I got views into Convict Canyon, and Red Slate Mountain:

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Mt Gilcrest - 1.12.13 http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2013/3/mt-gilcrest---1-12-13 Here are a few from a trip up Mt Gilcrest back in January:


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Virginia Lakes - 12.6.12 http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2012/12/virginia-lakes---12-6-12 After a few weeks of back-to-back art shows, I finally found a moment to get out and enjoy all of the new snow. I'd been fighting a cold all week, so we opted to drive all the way up to Virginia Lakes, in order to minimize the approach time. Two laps of perfect snow, and back to the truck shortly after noon!


Climbing above the clouds:

Run #1:


Back up for run #2:


Back at the summit, we came across a herd of bighorn sheep, but I was too slow with the camera! From there we watched this guy skiing across the way. Looks a little thin, but he seemed to find some good snow.....


And run #2:



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Not Quite Fall Colors http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2012/10/stalked-by-an-owl On Sunday morning I was, once again, up and out the door at 5am. I've been doing that a bit lately, as we are in the middle of fall color season.

This year has been interesting, in regards to the fall colors. The higher elevations, at least around Bishop Creek, produced some incredible color very early. But as the middle elevations turned, much of it just went brown. My guess is that this is due to the incredibly dry winter and summer we had.

But there are still are a few patches of good color to be found. And that was what I went looking for on Sunday. As is often the case in my world, I didn't find much. Producing photos isn't as easy as people think! And there is a lot of luck and timing involved. Unfortunately, this means I often end up “taking my camera for a walk”. That is, I just end up wandering around, and my camera doesn't even come out of its case.

But every once in a while, I do find something. And every once in a while, it is surprising. As was the case on Sunday.

I was wandering through a small stand of aspens, giving up on finding much color, when all of a sudden there was a rush of wings over my head. I had, presumably, woken up an owl. He landed on a branch, about 40 feet off the ground, and watched me.

So, suddenly, my quest to photograph leaves was gone, and my new challenge for the day was to catch some pictures of this owl, without disturbing him even more. I think I managed to accomplish that. He allowed to me get somewhat close, and seemed OK with my presence. Always keeping an eye on me, though.....


My personal favorite:



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A few more from the summer http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2012/10/a-few-more-from-the-summer  






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New camera - Summer 2012 http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2012/9/new-camera---summer-2012 In the spring I picked up an old Pentax 67, medium format camera. Figuring out a new system has been a learning experience. And, as with any new process, this summer has been spent doing a bit of trial and error.

But in that trial and error, I have managed to get a few keepers. Here are some quick scans from the first few rolls of film through my new camera:


Feather Peak:

Feather Peak

Merriam Peak:

Merriam Peak

Mt Goode:

Mt Goode and Bishop Pass


Sunset on Mt Haeckel:

Moonrise and dusk on Mt Haeckel:

Mt Haeckel

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If you would like to be added to my mailing list, please send an email to : newsletter@danmingoriphotography.com and type “newsletter” in the subject line.


The newsletters will be sent periodically, probably about every few months, or whenever I have something newsworthy to write about. Topics will include new photos, trip reports, photo tips, upcoming show dates, and more.

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Royce Lakes - 6.12.12 http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2012/6/royce-lakes---6-12-12 I got the urge to go camping on Tuesday, and decided on Royce Lakes. Hadn't been out there in over 7 years, and never before in the summer.

After such a low snow year, I figured all of the lakes would be melted out by now. So I was hoping for calm winds to catch reflections in the lake. I arrived to find the lake still frozen over, with just a bit of open water showing around the shore.

As I was making dinner, I had a visitor:

The wind picked up around sunset, so the snow/ice worked in my favor, creating protected spots for reflections. Finding a good spot was a bit of a challenge, though. As was trying to set up my tripod on the uneven boulders along the shore. And fiddling with cameras, lenses, and filters over open water is a little unsettling. But I managed to get a series of shots on both cameras as the last light of the day hit Merriam Peak.

A short stroll back to camp, and after a few quick night shots it was time for sleep.

I knew I had a bit of ground to cover before sunrise the following day. My plan was to catch the sunrise on Feather Peak, and that meant attaining the ridge directly across from it.

2:30am came quickly, and I was up and moving without feeling like I had slept at all. After a little coffee, I set off stumbling in the dark. The terrain around the upper lakes is mostly big, blocky rocks, which complicates things. Above that, the travel got easier and I found myself atop the ridge at 4:45. The rest of the ridge looked steep and uninviting for a tripod, so I opted to stop here and wait for the sun to come up.


The sun began to creep its way towards the horizon behind me:

And finally hit the peaks:

After that, I made my way back to camp, and on the trail, where the cactus flowers are starting to bloom:

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6.7.12 - South Lake http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2012/6/6-7-12 A few photos from the ridge between South Lake and Tyee Lakes:


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Chocolate Peak - 6.2.12 http://www.danmingoriphotography.com/blog/2012/6/chocolate-peak---6-2-12 Saturday's destination was Chocolate Peak, which is a small bump directly above Long Lake on the trail to Bishop Pass. Shooting sunsets in the backcountry usually involves hiking back to the car in the dark. And since the Bishop Pass trail is so heavily traveled, I figured this would be a good summer warm up to night hiking.


The approach to Lake Lake goes by pretty quick, and then on to Ruwau Lake, where the trail gets a little steeper and less distinct. From there, a scramble up the ridge leads to the top of Chocolate Peak, where I sat and waited for the sun to set.


It could be a while...... but this is the view I came for. Mt Goode and Bishop Pass:

Mt Goode and Bishop Pass

Shooting with two cameras allows me to take self portraits:

It also allows me to easily switch to a telephoto lens to catch the moon coming up behind me:

Last light hitting the ridge:

And one last shot at dusk:

As darkness was quickly approaching, I opted for a shortcut, taking the direct route back to the trail. This turned out to be a mistake, as that side of Chocolate Peak is quite steep and loose. Following the ridge back to Ruwau Lake may be more distance, but is considerably easier.

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